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Mechanized Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing ensures that your car is working optimally when driving at high speed, by ensuring proper weight distribution across the entire circumference of the car. We save you from having to change that new tire too quickly due to faster tread wear and even the resultant increased fuel consumption from unevenly balanced tires.

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Tire Change

One of the leading causes of avoidable auto crashes is managing worn tires or buying fake ones that can wear out quickly. We provide high quality tires that serve you very well, both for your safety and your cost management.

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Having a good battery can save the embarrassment of needing to push your car to start. We ensure your battery is the best quality and it is properly installed so that you don't have to be bothered about it running down unexpectedly.

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Engine Repair

It can be stressful to need engine repairs for your car, knowing that depending the extent of repairs needed, it comes at premium costs. We provide some of the most cost effective offers in this regard and our delivery ensures you are unlikely to need such repairs anytime soon subsequently.

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Oil change

Engine oils are a important component of ensuring your engine serves you as it should. Delaying to service your car (change oil, filter, etc) can have long term impact on your engine that cost much more. We recommend regular oil checks and servicing as soon as the viscosity of the oil is thin, to allow your car work best for you.

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Car Maintenance

Our general car maintenance brings you the peace of mind that your car is always working at optimal conditions. We believe in preventive, than corrective measures to keep the car serving you for a long time to come

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Have you been faced with the reality of poor auto service? Usually the multiplier effect can be very serious: having to buy a new replacement for a part that was not necessarily faulty initially. We bring our expertise in auto service delivery, combined with mechanised/automated processes that give the best results, to ensure that you fully covered, and receive the full value for your money.

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